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Welcome to the Trail of the Twister walkthrough! This walkthrough was written at the Junior Detective level, but the solutions to all major puzzles will be shown at both levels of gameplay. All spoilers will be written in spoiler code. Simply highlight the black areas with your cursor to read. For example: hello there!
This walkthrough assumes that you know the basic game functions such as moving around. If not, check out the book called "How to be a Detective" that's sitting on Nancy's desk.

Off to a Stormy Start

After you choose a level of gameplay, Nancy will arrive in Oklahoma - with a twister close in proximity!
With such a violent storm so near, it would be wise to seek shelter.
Head over to the white farmhouse on your left.
Look down and move the debris.
You'll see a tin box. That's a weird piece of debris...
It's full of money - we should find out if it belongs to the saboteur.
Enter the house and find the note from Debbie hanging on the stairs.
She has asked us to take a quiz on the computer and do some filing.
Take the quiz on the computer downstairs.
It doesn't matter how you score, but if you'd like to score perfectly, here are the answers:

1. C
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. A
8. D

Now it's time to do the filing. Return upstairs and turn to your left.
On the floor you'll see the black filing cabinet.
Here's how you should arrange the tabs:

Junior Detective:

Senior Detective:

After you have the tabs arranged, make sure you properly file the pieces of paper on top of the cabinet.
You'll see a Koko Kringle wrapper underneath the papers. Throw that away.
In the trash, you'll find a receipt for a bag of corn.
As you back away, you'll see a mouse. Those piles of corn on the floor seem to be attracting them.
You'll hear the gang return from a storm chase.
Meet Scott Varnell, the team leader.
He asks us to prepare a disaster kit for him and re-design the warning siren chart.
Before we do that, we should meet the rest of the gang. Go back into the kitchen and talk to Debbie Kircum, the project manager.
Sounds like there is a little tension between she and Scott.
Debbie gives us another project to tackle.

Of Siren Charts & Disaster Kits

The list of items that goes into a disaster kit is on the computer downstairs.
To get the items we need, we'll need to drive to Ma & Pa's.
Take the car of your choice and enter the directions on the GPS at the bottom of the screen.
Enter Ma & Pa's store and talk to Pa. When you're finished, buy the following items:

Granola (Blue)
Salt (No colour)
Sugar (Green)
Can opener (Yellow)
Toothpaste (No colour)
Flashlight (Blue)
Bleach (Green)
Water (Yellow)
Duct tape (Blue)
Batteries (Blue)

Tell Pa you've found the supplies you need.
Take a look at the magazine rack to his left. Read the Canute College Ledger and the Caddo County Reporter.
Exit Pa's store and return to the farmhouse.
Head to the basement and place the supplies you bought into the green Emergency Disaster Kit bag.
Meet Tobias "Frosty" Harlow, the self-described "media guy."
He's quite a storyteller.
Ask him about the scratches on his arm.
Head back upstairs so we can finish that siren chart. It's straight ahead as you walk up (or fade up) the stairs.
Here's how it should look when it's finished:

Nancy will comment when you have everything in place: Allright! That's how it should look.
We still need to fix the sprinkler system for Debbie.

Sprinkler System & LED Display

Head outside and to your right. Click on the white box on the ground that houses the control mechanism for the sprinkler system.
Here is how the sprinklers should look when fixed:

Junior Detective:

Senior Detective:

Turn around and enter the barn.
Chase Releford will request your aid in fixing the LED display on the car.
The goal is to arrange the numbers so that no consecutive numbers are touching in any direction, including diagonals.
Here's how it should look when you're finished:

Talk to Chase. He is the resident handyman, which will keep him busy from the sound of things.
Ask about Pete's accident (he was the former intern). Chase tells us mice chewed a hole in his coolant hose and caused the accident.
Take a look at the hose. It's sitting on the workbench.
Read the newspaper clipping that's in the red tool cabinet.
Exit the barn and go to the farmhouse.
It's the end of a busy day - time to hit the hay!
Walk upstairs to transition to the next day.

Cornfield Sensors, Covert Conversations, and Cloud Photography

Debbie asks us to fix the sensors in the cornfield and then to let Frosty show us the basics of storm photography.
The sensors are to the right of the sprinkler system.
The goal is to connect the the red beam to the red sensor and the blue beam to the blue sensor.
Here's what it should look like when you're finished:

You'll hear Debbie and Frosty discussing Scott.
P.G. Krolmeister will then (conveniently) give you a call and ask for a progress update.
Now that you're finished with the cornfield sensors, select a vehicle to take on a cloud hunt with Frosty.
To get to the windmill, enter the location into your GPS and follow the instructions given.
When you reach the destination, Frosty will give you a notebook with cloud descriptions.
Take a few photos using Nancy's cameraphone at the bottom of the screen, then get back in the car.
You may stop at a few other locations if you wish, but head back to the farmhouse when you're tired of taking photos.
Go to the basement and click on the cord to the right of the computer to attach Nancy's cameraphone.
Then click on "Gallery," then "Camera." Choose the photos you wish to download and press the green download button.
When you're finished, go upstairs and go to sleep.
Nancy will awake to the sound of sirens warning about a nearby tornado.
When she goes downstairs, turn to the right and you'll see someone by the coffee table.
I'd better look into that in the morning.
Head down into the cellar until the storm passes.

Prairie Dog Relocation & Catching Mice

Debbie tells us to re-locate the prairie dogs in a safe manner.
She also asks us to talk to Scott, so do that first.
Scott demands that we get rid of the mice in his office. We'll need to get a trap at Ma & Pa's.
Turn around and take a look at the coffee table.
Pick up the book and see the letters. It appears as though Debbie has had several job offers.
Then talk to Chase about relocating the prairie dogs.
He's invented a prairie dog vacuum but we need a larger tube for it.
Now we have two reasons for going to Ma & Pa's.
Talk to Pa about the mouse trap and tube.

The fujita display is in the "museum" through the doors to the left of Pa.
Go straight back until you see it.
Here's what it should look like when you're finished:

When you're finished, you'll overhear a conversation between Pa and Brooke Tavanah, a rival team leader.
She sure is interested in the activities of Scott's team.
Turn around and take a look at the Homesteaders display on the left.
The divining rod that's supposed to be here seems to be missing.
Take the Pa Penny on the barrel.
Talk to Pa. He will tell you to take the mouse trap.
It is hanging on the wall to the right of the Dust Bowl display:

Don't forget about the tube for the prairie dog vacuum!
Here is one solution to the candy display:

Get the tube from Pa. Be sure to ask him about Brooke, and tell him the divining rod from his display is missing.
Now we need to get some bait for the mousetrap.
If you have five Pa Pennies, you can play the Land Rush arcade game in the "museum" to earn more Pa Pennies.
If you don't have at least five, Chase will have a way for you to earn Pa Pennies.
Earn enough to buy Moon Chunk candy (you'll need 95 Pa Pennies).
Head back to the farmhouse.
Underneath Scott's radio is a pile of corn. Take out the mousetrap and place it next to the corn.
Open the grocery bag in the top left and place the moon chunk candy inside the mousetrap.
You'll need to trap ten mice in the mousetrap. Fill the upper and lower portions by using the dial in the middle. The dial will also need to have a mouse on it when you're finished.

Scott will ask you to take the mice out to the spring house.
Program the location of the springhouse into the GPS and drop the mice off there, then return to the farmhouse.
Time to relocate those prairie dogs!
Talk to Chase about the prairie dog vacuum. He will attach the tube you brought him.
Take the vacuum and go to the prairie dog habitat. It's to the left of the sprinkler system.
Click on the holes with the vacuum to get the prairie dogs.
If the prairie dogs do not stay in the vacuum, you have not chosen the correct hole.
Wait until the prairie dogs stick their heads out of the holes before clicking on them.
When you have all fifteen prairie dogs, relocate them to the right of the barn.
Take a look at the rosebushes. You will find another tin box.
Someone is definitely getting paid off here.
Return the vacuum to Chase.
He'll give you 100 Pa Pennies in return.

Storm Chasing!

Enter the farmhouse and talk to Debbie.
Looks like it's time to go storm chasing!
Take the blue car to ride with Frosty.
You need to go to the viewpoint. Program the directions into the GPS and follow them.
As soon as we reach the viewpoint, Frosty's camera breaks and he insists that we fix it.
To do so, you need to make a string of numbers from one to eighty-eight.
Even though Frosty keeps yelling at you to fix it, the puzzle is not timed.
Here's how the camera should look when you're finished:

Junior Detective:

Senior Detective:

Watch the twister knock down the barn.
Frosty gets angry and claims Nancy didn't fix the camera.
I did fix it!
Scott is ready to blame Nancy as well.
Let's call it a day - head upstairs to go to sleep.

Antennas & Transmission

Debbie asks us to fix the antenna.
Take the car of your choice and plug in the new location (simply called "Antenna") into the GPS.
Follow the directions to the antenna.
Once there, you'll see why they need fixing.
Right-click the pieces to rotate - both structures are missing pieces.

When you're finished, take the key underneath the antenna.
A storm begins to move in. We need to get back to the farmhouse quickly.
The GPS gives faulty directions!
You'll need to take an alternate route back to the farmhouse; make sure to avoid the clouds or Nancy's car will be pelted with hail.
Back at the farmhouse, talk to Chase.
He needs help fixing the transmission.
Place the gears onto the rods so that they touch but do not overlap. Make sure to place the smaller gears on first or the larger ones will be blocked.
Here is the correct way to position the gears:

Press the button at the left. Yes! I did it!
Chase asks us to take an estimate to Scott.
Take the envelope.
Talk to Scott and give him the envelope.
You'll hear Frosty scream during the conversation!
Turns out, the mice are starting to get to him.
Go back to Ma & Pa's and buy some more Moon Chunk candy.
If you don't have enough Pa Pennies, play the Land Rush game in the "museum" or talk to Chase about the weather balloon circuitry.
When you have the bait, set the mousetrap down to the right of the computer where you took the twister quiz.
Place the bait in the trap. Again, you need to fill all the squares, even those that move.
You can pull up walls between the squares - to do so, click when you see the blue hand cursor.

When you've finished catching the mice, talk to Frosty and ask him about the video camera.
He insists that you didn't fix it.
He will ask you to take his USB drive back to Chase. Take the drive.
Before returning the drive, take the mice to the springhouse and drop them off.
Return to the farmhouse and click towards the barn.
You'll see Chase yelling at his boots.
That was a little weird.
Enter the barn and give Chase back his USB drive.
Talk to him about Frosty. Also ask him about the GPS device that malfunctioned.
Go back to the farmhouse and take a look at Frosty's videocamera. It's sitting on the coffee table near Debbie's letters.
Press the play button. You'll hear sound, but see no picture.
But I fixed it...
Talk to Debbie. It's her turn to ask us to catch mice!
Get some more bait. Again, if you don't have enough money, play Land Rush or talk to Chase.
When you return to the farmhouse, place the mousetrap to the right of the black filing cabinet.
Place the cheese in the trap and fill all of the squares.

Take the mice to the spring house, then head back to the farmhouse and go to sleep.

An Electrical Repair(wo)man

The next morning, Debbie is interrupted by a flash of lightning that breaks Scott's phone.
She insists that Nancy stay and fix the phone.
Enter Scott's office and look at the smoke coming from the wall.
Zoom in on where the phone jack used to be.
The goal is to get all of the lines to become red. You may press white buttons twice if you need to.
If you need help, press the reset button until the red circle is in the position shown below.

That should do it!
As you step back, you'll hear a muffled conversation.
Pick up the headset on Scott's desk and listen.
What is Scott up to? Sounds like he has a deal with Brooke.
Take the key you found at the antennas and open Scott's desk drawer.
Read the rejection letter. He's been turned down for tenure at Canute.
Back up and read the magazine article on the pile of books to the left.
Turn around and zoom in on Scott's radio to the left.
Move the wire and pick up the knifeblade.
Smells like...coolant!
Head out to the barn and have another look at that pipe that was supposedly chewn up by mice.
Step over to where Chase is usually working. Go forward and look at his boots.
Open the stall door and take the Pa Pennies.
As you exit, you'll get a call from Pa.
He asks you to head over to his store.
Take the only available car and head over to Pa's.
He asks for your help in trapping mice. Naturally.
At least he gives us bait!
Without zooming in on the Homesteader display (divining rod display), click to the right of it and place the trap down.
Put the bait in the trap and fill all the slots.

When you're finished, take the mice to the spring house.
That wasn't there before.
Looks like this may be where Chase got that oil on his boots!
Take the divining rod.
Release the mice, then go back to Pa's.
Tell Pa you found the missing divining rod.
Place the divining rod back in the display.
Return to the farmhouse.
Enter the barn and talk to Chase. Ask him about finding oil.
He admits that he signed on to help Scott's team so he could look for oil on the property, but denies sabotoging equipment.
Chase claims Scott is to blame for the accidents.
He shows us the lightning rod - and says it was actually attached to Scott's phone!
Enter the farmhouse and talk to Debbie. She asks us to fix the television set.
Step over to the television and open the control panel on the right.
Press the yellow button.
The goal is to match the colour patterns shown by using the four knobs on the right to turn the centre rings.
Don't worry if you have more colour squares than you need, simply match the patterns given. The pattern will turn grey when you have matched it correctly.
Here's what each colour will look like when you've finished.

Junior Detective:



When you're finished, you'll see static, then footage that only Frosty could have captured - but it's credited to someone else!
Go downstairs and talk to Frosty.
After a little prodding, he'll tell you that he has been selling some footage to a friend of his.
When you're finished talking to Frosty, go to sleep.

Storm Tracking

The next morning, Debbie will ask you to drive so that she and Scott can track the storm.
Take the doppler truck on the right.
Slowly head to the viewpoint, and wait until Debbie tells you to turn off before stopping.
Scott asks us to fix the doppler system.
The goal is to get all of the switches to light up blue by flipping three switches, one from each group, and pressing the green button.
Label the switches 1-11, like this:

Then press the following switches:

Press 8, 9, 11. Press green button.
Press 2, 4, 5. Press green button.
Press 7, 9, 10. Press green button.
Press 1, 9, 10. Press green button.

Now we need to rearrange the cables in order.
You are looking down on the cables - arrange them in order from top to bottom.
Here are the solutions:

Junior Detective:

  1. Magenta
  2. Teal
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Orange
  6. Sky blue
  7. Lavender
  8. Pink
  9. Purple
  10. Dark Purple

Senior Detective:

  1. Magenta
  2. Teal
  3. Yellow
  4. Lime green
  5. Orange
  6. Sky Blue
  7. Lavender
  8. Pink
  9. Purple
  10. Dark Purple
  11. Blue
  12. Purple
  13. Green
  14. Red

When you've arranged the colours, press the button at the bottom to check your work.
Debbie suggests that we return to the farmhouse.

Finding Scott

Enter the farmhouse and talk to Debbie.
She says Scott is nowhere to be seen.
Enter Scott's office. Maybe there's a clue to his whereabouts in here.
Open Scott's desk drawer and pick up the note.
Brooke's been paying Scott off?
It looks like to find Scott's location, we will need to find the dates that match the weather conditions described in the note, then write down the letters and numbers for those dates from Scott's calendar.
Go to the basement and look at the log book next to Frosty.
Also take a look at the symbols chart under the sink.
It looks like the dates that match the weather conditions described in the note are:

March 3, 8, 18, 21, 26
April 3, 6, 10, 23, 29
May 6, 12

Head back upstairs and look at Scott's calendar.
Write down the numbers and letters written on the dates we have listed.
You should come up with:


Now, we need to match those codes with the cloud photos on the computer downstairs.
Scroll through the pictures until you find the three photos that match the symbols you wrote down.
These are all of the windmill; that must be where Scott's been meeting Brooke!
Talk to Debbie to let her know where we will be going.
Take the only car available to the windmill and confront Scott.
After you have spoken with Scott, you'll hear Debbie on the radio. Get back into the car.
She insists that you get to the Grange Theatre, so plug the location into your GPS and head over there.
When you arrive at the Grange, step over to the storm shelter and take the keys out of your inventory.
Unlock the doors and enter.
It looks like there is a second set of (locked) doors.
Look at the white box on the wall to your right.
You will have to choose the key that matches the outline above the door handle.
The correct key changes with each game, so you will have to try each key to see if it works.
Make sure that when you pick up a key and put it in the lock, you try turning it again.
Continue until you find the right key.
Click on the doors to the storm shelter, then wait until Nancy says, I think the worst has passed.
Exit and listen to the conversation between Debbie and Nancy.
When they are finished talking, follow the direction of the arrow in the lower right hand corner of the screen. Be sure to avoid roadblocks and storm clouds.
When you have chased the culprit down, you will end up at the spring house.
Pry your way into the spring house using the crowbar.
Watch the ending scene.
If you watch all the credits, you will see some funny outtakes.

Congratulations, Detective!

See you in Shadow at the Water's Edge!

Walkthrough written by:
Mary Ann