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Welcome to The Deadly Device walkthrough! The solutions to all major puzzles will be shown at both levels of gameplay throughout this walkthrough. Please be aware that this is a non-linear game, and there are different ways to solve it. You may complete other puzzles in a different order than this walkthrough and still finish the game. All spoilers will be written in spoiler code. Simply highlight the black areas with your cursor to read. For example: hello there!

A Shocking Start

View the opening scene. Niko Jovic is killed as he adjusts the Tesla Coil.
You will receive a call from Victor Lossett, who has asked you to take on the case.
Enter Niko's office and walk around to his desk. Note that the media player isn't working.
Enter the combination Victor gave you to Niko's desk drawer, 171943.
Read the case file.
The case file mentions a security video: LBTY510258.
Examine everything in Niko's office: the pigeon, candy machine, bookshelves, and locked cabinet.
Then exit Niko's office and find the doors to the lounge on your right.
As you enter, the power will turn off. Victor will call to explain that the lab has been having power outages.
Find your way to Nancy's room and set your alarm for the next morning.

First Night on the Job

A red alarm blares as Nancy wakes up.
Exit the lounge and bump into Gray, who gives you the task of powering off the switches.
Take the harness and Nancy will place it with her evidence.
Then, power off the grid as follows:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Now that you've saved everyone's lives, it's time to explore the lab.
Turn left and make your way to the elevator. Head for the second floor.
Turn left again and look for the orange office door.
Take the Tesla coils book sitting on the coffee table.
Talk to Ellie. She will give you a demonstration of the coil.
Try entering Mason's work area. Ellie will let you snoop around if you beat Mason's high score at Aggregation.
Exit the offices and notice the binary poster at the other end of the hall.
Return to the first floor and enter the security office. Talk to the taciturn Gray.
Let's meet the rest of the suspects. Return to Nancy's room and set the alarm for the next day.

First Day on the Job

You'll wake up to the melodious sound of Deirdre Shannon's voice.
After talking with her, head upstairs and find the blue doors to the workshop.
Talk to Ryan and get her side of things.
Look around before leaving the workshop. Take the key card and color chart from the gray cabinet.
Look at the remote that was taken from the security office.
Ask Ryan about her motorcycle.
Then go to the office and meet Mason.

Security Office Snooping

After meeting Mason, switch to night.
Field a call from Deirdre, who now wants to help you with the case. Ask her to look into the 911 call.
We need to get Gray out of his office so we can do some snooping.
Find and activate the alarm near the stairs outside of Niko's office.
Enter the security office.
Open the desk drawer to find a Zap-Up! Panel. The goal is to turn all of the circles green by clicking on certain ones.
Once a circle turns green, it sends out charges which power up the other circles.
Solve this puzzle as follows:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

You still need a password to enter the computer.
All of the numbers must be shown on the wheel in binary code. The column on the right will tell you which numbers are shown and which are remaining.
Enter the following combination:

Look at the login information.
That number is from the night of the murder...it doesn't appear anywhere else in the logs.
Open the security video player. Enter the video number from the case file, LBTY510258.
Now, we need to make a key card for accessing the lab.
This program requires a password.
A clue to the password is hidden all around the security office. Locate eleven letters in the office (and one on the remote that Ryan has).
Then notice the direction of the arrows outside each one. Enter them in clockwise order, beginning with 12:00.

The password for the key card program is:

Place the blank key card into the reader.
Then, place the shapes on the panel so that they align up with the sheet you found.
Once you have matched the shapes, press send to activate the key card.
Then use the key card to enter the lab.

The Lab & Aggregation Aggrevation

Take the beaker and solutions guide from the workbench in front of you.
Examine the small Tesla Coil on the left. Hmm. Something must be broken.
Notice the station for mixing chemicals and the 3-D printer.
Read the Battle of the Currents book.
Explore the photolithography lab. View the equipment and read the manual.
Enter the inner laboratory, which houses the large Tesla Coil.
Pull out the circuit board below the coil. Two components to the coil are missing. We should repair the coil.
Ryan can help us with this. We will ask her later.
Now, we should beat Mason's high score at Aggrevation so that Ellie will let us poke around his desk.
You'll find the game in the lounge.
The goal is to clear each level by sliding symbols onto the board. Groups of 3 or more symbols will clear and give you points.
The faster you clear a level, the more points you earn.
Continue playing until you beat Mason's high score.
Now, let's do some snooping and see if we can fix that coil.

Mason's Work Area

Talk to Ellie. Be sure to let her know that you beat Mason's high score.
Look through Mason's work area. Notice the sticky note and the book sitting on the computer's processor.
His computer is password protected, but there's a clue on his whiteboard.
Rearrange all of the orange letters on the whiteboard to spell "Tesla's Hometown."
According to the book in Nancy's locker, Tesla's hometown is Smiljan. This is the password to Mason's computer.
Look at the component designer and the record repository.
Notice the item in the trash bin. It mentions a security video: HLLW510257.
Activate the alarm so that you can watch the video in Gray's office.
The video shows Ryan bypassing the security system. We should talk to her about this.

Ellie's Work Area

As you exit the security booth, you will hear a humming noise coming from the lab.
Tell Ellie about it and she will leave her work area.
Look around her workstation. Take the capacitators from the right side of her desk. Read the letter from her cousin.
Look at the book on the left side.
Take the key, data chip, and control booth note from her desk drawer.

A Tale of Two Coils: The Small Coil

Switch to day and talk to Ryan.
She'll tell you about the robotic cat Mason hid. If you find and assemble all of the pieces, you will receive an award at the end of the game, but it is not necessary for completing the game.
Confront Ryan about bypassing the security system.
Ask her about repairing the large Tesla Coil. Take the diagram.
Ask her about repairing the small Tesla Coil. She suggests using the photolithography lab.
Ask her how to play the media card. She'll ask for some candy before she fixes Niko's player. Take the retrieval mechanism.
Place the mechanism onto the candy machine in Niko's office.
To open the candy machine, you will need to remember the pattern of lights presented to you. Press yellow to begin. I suggest writing down the pattern. You can press Menu to pause while you do so.
The pattern is different each time. Play until you win and retrieve the Koko Mallos.
Help yourself to more candy if you like, then take the Mallos to Ryan.
She will go fix Niko's player.
While she does that, we should try to fix both Tesla Coils.
Let's begin with the small one. We need to use the equipment in the photolithography lab.
We need to create a silicon solution for the etching.
According to the solutions guide, we need a ratio of HF, HNO3, and H2O.
HF is missing and can be found in the cabinet to the right of the mixing station.
To open it, all of the squares must be blue. Press the squares in this order:

Master Sleuth:

Take the hydrofluoric acid.
Now we're ready to begin mixing.
The solutions guide tells you how much of each mixture to place into the beaker.
Here is a step-by-step solution:

Master Sleuth:
Pour water (H20) into the 4 measuring cup.
Pour the 4 measuring cup into the 3 measuring cup.
Pour what's left in the 4 measuring cup into the beaker.
Pour the 3 measuring cup back into the H20 container.
Pour hydrofluoric acid (HF) into 4.
Pour 4 into 3.
Pour 4 into beaker.
Pour 3 into HF container.
Again, pour HF into 4.
Pour 4 into 3.
Pour 4 into beaker.
Pour 3 into HF container.
Pour nitric acid (HNO3) into 4.
Pour 4 into 3.
Pour 4 into beaker.
Pour 3 into HNO3 container.
Again, pour nitric acid (HNO3) into 4.
Pour 4 into 3.
Pour 4 into beaker.
Pour 3 into HNO3 container.
Pour beaker into bottle.

We're now ready to begin the etching process.
Turn on the computer in the photolithography lab. Align all of the circuits.
Here is the solution:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Take the design from the printer.
Use the key from Ellie's drawer to open the green supply cabinet.
Take a silicon wafer.
Now, turn to the etching machine.
Reference the manual on top of the machine to begin the process:
Place the solution into the etching solution tank.
Then place the design on the image tray.
Place the silicon wafer on the wafer tray.
Hit start.
The etching process takes about a half-day, so we will check back later.

A Tale of Two Coils: The Large Coil

We also need to fix the large coil.
Ryan gave us a design to create.
Switch to night and open Component Designer on Mason's computer.
You must fill in the squares according to the design Ryan gave you.
Here is the solution:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

When you're done, press Print.
Nancy should say, I think that's right! If she doesn't, double check the design.
The 3-D printer is located on the right as you enter the lab.
Pull your design up on the screen and press Print.
Printing will take quite a while. We'll come back later.
Look again at the base of the large coil.
Use the capacitors from Ellie's office. The Tesla Coil book says that there cannot be the same color capacitor in any row or column (or diagonal, on master).
The solution is as follows:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Now, check the photolithography lab. The plate for the small coil should be ready.
Take the plate and place it in the small coil. All done!
Now, switch to day. Check back at the printer.
Take the component and place it into its drawer under the large coil.
Is the coil working? Let's test it out. Go up the stairs to the control booth.
Use the note from Ellie's desk drawer to determine the correct password, as shown below:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Look at the notebook on the right for instructions.
Flip the three switches from left to right. It works, all right, but Gray kicks you out.
You'll receive an angry phone call from Victor. You can't tell Nancy Drew to stay away from something... It just doesn't work.

Ryan's Threats

Ryan fixed the media player in Niko's office.
Place the media card found in Ellie's desk into the player and listen to Niko's audio journal.
He mentions threats that Ryan handed to him in the lounge.
He didn't bother taking them - they might still be there.
Success! You'll find the written threats in the back of the brown couch.
Nancy adds them to her collection of evidence.
Talk to Ryan about the notes. She says they are warnings, not threats.
Let's call Deirdre. Her database might come in handy. Ask her all of the available questions.
Check in with Victor. Exhaust all conversation possibilities.
Switch to night, then see if Deirdre discovered anything on Ryan.
Deirdre has evidence that Ryan couldn't have killed Niko!
Tell Victor about this development.
Switch to day and talk to Ryan.
When she asks, admit your real purpose for being at the lab.
She offers to help you find the real killer.

Escape & Tape

On the way down the hall, Nancy is hit over the head.
You'll wake up in the photo lab.
Use the intercom to the right of the door. Ellie will talk to you from the other side.
The air is getting low in the room. You need to make it out fast.
Turn around and look up at the air vent. Remove it and use the vents to escape.
Follow this route through the vents:

Amateur Sleuth:

Hear Mason and Gray arguing.
Go to the security office.
Listen to Gray shredding a document.
Exhaust all conversation possibilities with Gray.
Set off the alarm and go to the security office.
Take the shredded document out of the shredder.
Take the kill switch next to the trash can.
Go to the lounge and use the desk to assemble the shredded paper, as shown below:

Tape it together.
Something was put into safe keeping, according to the notes.

Spinning Hooks

Return to the security office.
Examine the coat hanger on the left.
Gray's notes indicate that the hooks are supposed to move.

Spin the hooks according to the notes:
Turn the left hook ten times.
Turn the center hook five times.
Turn the right hook three times.

Open the panel.
Take the e-mails. Notice Gray's diploma. What's someone with a PhD doing working in security?
Look at the sticky note: LBTY6510259.
Enter that number into the video database on Gray's computer. Is this the unedited tape? If it is...
Notice the code in the corner. We should get help figuring out what that means later.

Bookshelf Puzzle & Niko's Journal

Go upstairs to the offices. Ellie is absent; use this opportunity to poke around.
Take the note on the right side of her desk.
Look at the coffee table between the cubicles.
Take the key card from the ground.
Looks like Ellie left her phone here.
Fill in the numbers according to the instructions in the book on her desk:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Look at her messages. Looks like Ellie and Mason are up to something.
Go to the security office and insert the card you found.
It's the card that was used to open the lab on the night Niko was killed!
Now, let's see what the note on Ellie's desk is for.
Go to the lounge and look at the bookshelf to the left.
Pull the books in the order they are referenced on the note.
Here is the solution:

The portrait of Tesla will swing back, revealing a hidden cubby.
Take the journal and media card.
Play the audio journal in Niko's office.
Then, look at his physical journal. There's a code at the bottom.
Notice the numbers next to each row of letters. To crack the code, shade in the boxes so that they correspond to each number's binary code.
The poster upstairs will remind you of these codes.
Can't crack the code? Take a look below:

Every fifth letter above play on the coil.
Circle every fifth letter and you will end up with: AGBegagdBcGEFDC

It's a good thing we fixed the small coil, because it looks like we're going to need it.

Coil Concert

If you need to brush up on your musical notes, Mason's whiteboard can help you out.
Play the notes on the coil in this order:

A panel will open. Read the note from Niko:
...illuminate a black light under the glow.
He must mean the glow of the large Tesla Coil.
Switch to day and enter the workshop.
Take the black light from Ryan's blue tool chest.
Enter the control booth for the large coil.
Make sure the lever is set to "low," then flip the three switches to turn on the coil.
It is safe to enter the room when the coil is on low.
Take out the blacklight and click on the hexagonal shape on the floor.
Lift up the hexagon to enter the passageway.
Examine the lock on the door. A biometric fingerprint scanner. This could be a challenge.
The book in Mason's office had information on bypassing such scanners. Take another look at it.
Then call Deirdre about biometrics.
Well, looks like we'll just have to make a finger!

Video Analysis & Averting a Crisis

Talk to Ellie about the information on her phone, and any other topics that are available.
Switch to daytime and do the same thing with Mason.
Both of them insist that the computer shows a glitch, and that the card wasn't used to access the lab that night.
Let's see what the strange number was in that video we saw with Gray - maybe that will help clear up this mystery.
Ask Ryan to help analyze the video.
She confirms that it has been edited. However, the killer knows that you know.
Leave the security office and you'll hear a siren.
The coil's security has been breached!
Head to the large coil and see Mason working on it.
The power has been activated, and Mason can't free himself from the coil. You need to shut down the power before the coil kills someone else.
Flip the switches as shown:

Master Sleuth:

As Mason leaves, Victor arrives. And he's not happy.
He removes Nancy from the case - but don't let that stop you.

Etching the Fake Finger & Surviving the Elevator

Your top priority is to get past that biometric scanner.
The first thing you need is a fingerprint of Niko's.
There may be some in his office, but you can't look with Victor there.
Ask Ryan for help distracting Victor.
While you're there, ask her for another way into the lab. Take Ryan's key card.
Ask Ryan for some gummy bears. We'll need those to make the finger mold.
She's willing to make an exchange - gummy bears for Victor's candy.
Have Ryan distract Victor.
Enter Niko's office and take the key from the desk.
Use it to open the cabinet between Niko's bookshelves.
There's a clear fingerprint on the model on the right.
Take some tape from the dispenser in the lounge and lift the print.
Read the note that falls out of the cabinet.
Walk around and return to the office when Victor is there. Ask him for, and take, his candy.
Exchange it with Ryan for gummy bears.
Now we need to create the etching using the equipment in the photo lab.
On your way down, the elevator will get stuck! That happens to Nancy a lot, it seems.
Open the panel to the right of the buttons. You must replace the gears.
Here is the solution to this puzzle:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Well, no time to dawdle. Back to making the fingerprint mold.
Enter the lab using Ryan's key card.
Create a silicon mixture as described in the section on repairing the small Tesla Coil.
Pour the formula into the etching solution tank.
Place the tape with the fingerprint onto the image tray.
Put in a blank wafer and press start.
Now, to wait.

Creating the Finger Mold & Niko's Study

Change to night and retrieve the etching from the machine.
Take the hot plate knob from Gray's desk, next to the card keyer.
Head to the lounge, where we will create the mold.
Place the knob on the hot plate, which is on the kitchen counter.
Place the beaker (found earlier in the lab) on the hot plate.
Place the gummy bears in the beaker.
Turn on the hot plate to melt the gummies.
Place the gummy mixture on top of the etching.
Lift it up - and we have a "finger"!
Use it to bypass the biometric security system.
Enter Niko's study.
Look at the monitor. Looks like it's powered off.
Read the note on the desk. Pick up two magnets here.
Read Tesla's journal on the bookshelf. Pick up one magnet here.
Take the media card from the table on the left. Pick up two magnets here.
Finally, look at the wooden table (on the right as you enter). Pick up two magnets here.
Play Niko's third audio journal in his office. You will have to ask Ryan to distract Victor first.
The audio journal gives two important clues - the pigeon, and Wardenclyffe frequency 37. These will help solve two puzzles.

Pigeon Puzzle & Wardenclyffe

Turn around and look at the pigeon.
Niko mentioned 13, 6, and 5 in connection with the pigeon.
Use the magnets from Niko's study to enter those numbers into the base of the pigeon in binary code.
The solution is shown below:

Then activate the pigeon by pressing the button at its base.
The pigeon will shine a message onto the wall: 1902 Patent
Now, what did Niko mean in reference to Wardenclyffe?
Return to Niko's secret study and take the Wardenclyffe building model from the table on the right.
Place the model into the oscillator in the lab. The frequency Niko mentioned was 37. According to the note on the desk in his study, the valves on the oscillator are assigned the numbers 13, 11, 9, 7, 5, and 4.
Open the correct valves to reach frequency 37, as shown:

The building has broken apart, revealing a key.
Use it to open the panel in Niko's study.
Another Zap-Up! puzzle awaits you. Solve it this way:

Master Sleuth:

You still need a password to access Niko's computer.
The pigeon gave you a clue: 1902 patent.
From the book in Nancy's locker, you will find the number for a patent Tesla submitted in 1902.
This number is the password: 1119732
Watch the unedited security video and learn the killer's identity.
Take the USB drive with the video on it.
Exit the door - ZAP! - All of your electronics have been ruined by Niko's security.
There has to be a way to get the evidence out without ruining it.

Building a Faraday Cage

Go talk to Ryan. She will give you components and a cardboard box..
You must build a Faraday Cage to protect the evidence.
You need a new USB drive - take one from the box on Ryan's shelf.
To build a Faraday Cage, you need some tin foil. Take a silicon wrapper from the photo lab.
Assemble the box on the desk in the lounge.
Place the box on the table, then place the foil on the box.
Put a paperclip on the side of the box, then a binder clip, then another paperclip.
Take the Faraday container with you to Niko's study.
Transfer the video onto the new USB drive.
Take the USB drive and exit the study.
As you exit the lab, notice Gray lying on the ground. Oh no! I'd better get help!
Open the lab doors and in pops the culprit, of course.

The Final Puzzle

The culprit has placed you in the Faraday Cage in the lab and turned on the coil.
The cage won't last forever - find a safe way out.
Open the lightning rod lift box.
Use the schematic diagram to place Ryan's electrical components in the right places so that you can get out.
Check the photos below for the answer:

Amateur Sleuth:

Master Sleuth:

Watch the endscene as the culprit is injured.
Listen as Nancy wraps up the case in her closing letter.

Great Job, Detective!

See you in Ghost of Thornton Hall!

Walkthrough written by Mary Ann