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Welcome to the Legend of the Crystal Skull walkthrough! This walkthrough was written at the Junior Detective level. Many puzzles have solutions for both Junior and Senior detective levels. All spoilers will be written in spoiler code. Simply highlight the black areas with your cursor to read. For example: hello there!
This walkthrough assumes that you know the basic game functions such as moving around. If not, check out the book called "How to be a Detective" that's sitting on Nancy's desk.

Skeletal Foundations

As Nancy enters the Bolet mansion, she is knocked out by someone in a skeleton costume!
When you come to, Renee, the former Bolet housekeeper, will be standing over you and offering you an odd-looking tonic.
Whether or not you drink it is your decision.
Renee tells you that the electricity is down.
Renee also wants to call the police, but Henry vetoes the idea.

Eye Spy & A Chat With Henry

Get up and check out what must be Bruno's collection of trophies.
You will find a glass eye inside the silver one:


Apparently Bruno enjoyed wearing these.
They will definitely come in handy later.
Now talk to Henry - he seems insecure and ready to get rid of Nancy. He also tells you that he wasn't that close to his great-uncle.
He warns us about Bruno's pets...yikes.
Poke around the library some more, and then go out into the hallway and enter the great room/foyer, which is where you saw the skeleton man.

Great Room

Snoop through the remains of a fireplace. Take the receipt.
Wonder why it was burned.
Also pick up a piece of charcoal that will come in handy later.
To the right of the fireplace, pick up a piece of paper with a raven on it.

Maybe the skeleton man dropped this.
Look at the portraits on the wall - one is missing.
Then take a look at Bruno's graveyard model. This guy really needed to find another hobby.
Drag your cursor around to look at it all.
In the lower right-hand corner, you will find Forty Winks Mausoleum.
Pick up the larger crypt and out comes an eye:


Now we have two of these.
Find your way to the upper-left hand corner where you will find a puzzle etched into the roof of a crypt.

If you use the arrows to scroll through the pictures, you will find that one of the possible pictures is a raven!
That's what the skeleton man must have been doing - trying to open this.
We need to check out that crypt.

Up in Renee's Room & Crypt Rubbings

Go back to the library and take the exit out to the garden.
We can poke around there later; for now, head out the wrought iron gates.

To get to the crypt, use the model in the great room or a spoiler below:

Up, Up

Simple, right? Take a look at the crypt itself, and the columns.


There's no doubt about it - this is where the skeleton man made the rubbing of the raven.
But to see what the others are, we must get paper - the charcoal we picked up will come in handy with this.
Head back to the mansion and talk to Renee.
Chat for a while, then ask her if she has any paper. She does indeed, and gives us the key to her room, which is upstairs.
She asks us to grab her a candy bar while we're up there.
Her room is not the first you see when going upstairs, but open that one up anyway.
In the nightstand drawer, what do we find but another eye? That brings the count to 3.

Exit that room, then continue up the stairs.
Open up Renee's room. You will find it simple and unadorned.
Go to her nightstand and take the paper from the top drawer.
Grab a Koko Kringle from the lower drawer (she sure has 'em piled away in there!), then eat a couple if you so desire.
Head over to her desk and open the hiccup powder.
She sure has a lot of herbs and potions.
Look at the odd symbols on her wall...

Wonder what those mean.
Take a look at her chest with the glowing orb in the centre.

In order to open it, you will need to make the symbols in each corner by pressing in the correct dots around the orb.
Each symbol requires only four dots.
Try it for yourself, but if you are stuck, check out the spoiler below.

Using this chart, press the letters for each of the following.
Upper left symbol: D, O, G, A
Upper right symbol: E, H, J, L
Lower left symbol: B, I, Q, P
Lower right symbol: N, K, M, R

Inside you'll find a book on hoodoo.
Using the symbol chart, you can now translate those symbols on her wall to:


This will be crucial later.
Now that you've seen everything important, go back and give Renee her candy bar.
Also ask her about the empty frame and the symbols on the wall in her room.
She'll tell you that she put the symbols there.
Now go back to the crypt to do those rubbings.


There are four total, so don't miss any.
Head to the scale model of the crypt and enter the four symbols based on their border.
If you can't seem to get it, take a look at the screenshot below.

Solving this puzzle reveals a key.
Take it - it must belong to the crypt itself.

Art Restoration & Bess

When you arrive at the crypt, you'll see Henry out in front, crying.
He must still miss his parents a ton.
Use the key you just found to open up the crypt.
Pick up the painting in the corner.


This must be the painting that goes in the empty frame.
Go back to the great room (feel like a yo-yo yet?) and insert the painting in its proper place.
Now, remember that Zeke's receipt that you found in the fireplace?
We need to check up on that.
Get out your cell phone and call Bess.
Once you call her, you will become her in the French Quarter.
When you feel like being Nancy again, get out Bess' phone and call Nancy.

What luck - Bess' hotel is just across the street from Zeke's!
She is reluctant to snoop, but will do it for Nancy's sake.
Enter Zeke's and talk to Lamont, the owner, who is behind the counter.
Apparently, the receipt was for a box of "assorted unknown items" that he bought from Henry Bolet.
Sounds like Henry really is selling off some of his great-uncle's assets.
When you're done talking to him, poke around at Zeke's some more.
You'll find powders similar to the one in Renee's room.
Then call Nancy, and tell her what Lamont said.
She insists that Bess figure a way to find out what's in the box.
Go back to Zeke's and take the sneezing powder from among the other powders.
Then turn to your left and place the sneezing powder among all the other junk.
You need to use all this 'stuff' to make a contraption that will blow the powder all over Lamont.
Use the screenshot below if you need help.

Once you've got everything set up (double check by pulling on the balloon string), get Lamont to come over and 'help' you.
As he begins to sneeze, head to the back room and unload the contents of the box.
You'll find a few pictures, a costume, and a locked box.
Look at the paper on top of the box.

Go through the other letter with these references and write down the first letter.
Count out three more letters and write down that letter, and so on.
If you're still having trouble with this code, look at the spoiler below.

LEBENUNDTOD, which is German for "Love and Death."

Enter the code into the box to open it.
Bess will call Nancy once you've gotten the box open to inform her.

Iggy's Books & Professor Hotchkiss

A good place of information is a library. We're looking for information on the Whisperer, and that would be the best place to find some clues.
Take a look at the books Iggy is taking a snooze on top of.

As you get closer, Iggy runs away and the books come crashing down.
We need to put the books back into the box - there are many ways to do it, so don't get discouraged.
If you need help with this, check out the screenshot below.

Get out the book on the crystal skulls.
Ah. Professor Hotchkiss. Good times.
Her number is written down in the corner; we can call her when we're through reading.
In the center of the book, you'll find a piece of paper with some letters on it.
When you've wetted your appetite on the subject of the Whisperer, step out into the hall and call the Professor.
While she doesn't remember you, she certainly remembers Bruno and tells you that he told her that...

"The ayes have it!"

Those glass eyes must be significant after all.
Make sure you ask her everything you can before hanging up.

A New Suspect

Professor Hotchkiss said that Bruno probably died by unnatural causes.
Henry is in posession of his birth certificate - maybe it can shed some light on Bruno's death.
Talk to Henry about Bruno's death and he'll show the certificate to you.
Step outside or into the hallway and call Dr. Buford, who signed the certificate.
Dr. Buford's answering service tells you that he spends a lot of time at the corner of Rampart and Dumaine - exactly where Bess is staying.
Call Bess and ask her to speak with the doctor.
Talk with him about Bruno's death. He says that he is absolutely certain that Bruno simply died of a heart attack.
He also mentions that Bruno showed him the crystal skull, and that Bruno was reading a letter when he had his heart attack.
Call Nancy with all of this information.

Portrait Puzzle

We should do something with that piece of paper we found in the Professor's book.
Go to the great room and look at the portraits again. Looks like we need to arrange them in a certain order.
Notice how there is something that stands out in each portrait?
Write down each item and note which letter each begins with. Then take a look at the piece of paper again.
If you're having trouble with arranging the portraits, take a look at the screenshot below.

when you've got everything arranged correctly, a secret door will open!

Eye of the Beholder & a Tarantula Tune

As you enter, peek through the lens and flip the switch next to it.
It zooms in on a book titled "Eye of the Beholder."
We'll go back to the library and look at that in a minute.
As you turn around and head to the right, you'll hear Henry talking to Summer, his girlfriend.
She's apparently squeezing him for money.
Head up the stairs and find the (of course, locked) door at the top.
Look carefully at the design near the keyhole, then go out to the garden.
Zoom in on the hole in the bottom of the fountain.

It should look very familiar. :)
Use the dotted lines on the engraving near the keyhole of the locked door to help you decide what strings to pull and in what order.
If you can't figure it out, look at the screenshot below.

Grab the key. Before going to unlock the door, stop off in the library and open the Eye of the Beholder book. Take the eye - that's number four.

Now talk to Henry. Ask him about the Zeke's receipt and the model cemetery if you haven't already.
Now, take the key and unlock that door.

A Secret Study

There's a lot to look at in Bruno's study. Start with his desk.
Look at the letter and picture frame, then take the book.
Skim through it, then look at the perpetual motion machine.
Flip the switch to get it started. Grab the eye when it first bounces up to the right - you'll need quick reflexes!
We are now the proud owners of 5 eyes.
Flip through the calendar on the left. Looks like this shows meeting places of the Jolly Roger Krewe. They're having one today...
Look at the tooth chart above the desk. Bruno was a dentist, so this makes sense.
Then take a look at the dummy sitting on the chair.

We need to enter those hoodoo symbols on Renee's wall - in words - then press "talk." If you can't remember the word, use this spoiler.


When you enter it correctly, out will pop his eye!
In his eye socket (weird), you'll find a token and a piece of paper that we'll get to later.
Find the gumball machine and use the token to get an eye. That's #7.

Look at the jack-in-the-box and write down the notes it plays.
Later, you need to go back to the spider and play those notes.
Turn until you find the cabinet with a picture of an octopus and a ship on it.
You'll find a glass eye there (#8). This must be where I'm supposed to put all the glass eyes I've found.
We'll need 25 glass eyes total (wow).
Note that they can turn in different directions.
Step over to the skeeball game.

The goal here is to turn all of the mouths into eyes by hitting them twice with a ball.
If you need help, keep reading. :)
There are nine areas to hit, as shown:

Here are the positions for each area.


Surprise - the prize is an eye.
Now take a look at the vent above the dummy.

This must be Iggy's home.
He's certainly not going to come to us when we chased him off.
Remember that picture you saw in the box with Bruno's things? He had a fruit with him.
If we can get one of those, we can lure him out to us.

Another Tarantula Tune

To get out of the study, find a brass statue on the wall and pull it down:

Head out to the garden - specifically, to the spider you received an eye from.
Play the tune you heard on the jack-in-the-box. Can't remember it? Play these strings:

middle C, middle C, middle C, D, E, E, E, D, middle C, D, E, middle C

What do you know? Another eye. That makes 10 eyes.
We still have a long way to go to get to 25.

Bruno's Short Stories for Tired Eyes: Time Will Tell

Bruno has various stories in his book - all of which are important.
The first is Time Will Tell.
You may have noticed the grandfather's clock in the hallway. Use this to obtain 3 eyes.
In each of the stories under "Time Will Tell," there are six times mentioned.
Enter each time into the clock. Between each time, press the button at the top of the clock.
If you're having trouble with this puzzle, there is a spoiler below.

First set of times: 12:00, 3:00, 5:00, 8:00, 2:00, 11:00
Second set of times: 12:00, 7:00, 10:00, 3:00, 2:00, 1:00
Third set of times: 12:00, 8:00, 10:00, 4:00, 9:00, 11:00

That adds three more eyes to our collection and brings the total to 13.

A Librarian's Tale

In this story, Bruno writes that "The title's the thing, addition's the hook."
Find some calling cards for books on the shelf to the left of Henry.
Flip through them and you'll find one for "A Librarian's Tale."
This book is on the same shelf; above the calling cards.
It's locked, however.
To open it, go through the calling cards again and add up the numbers of the ones that have the word "eye" in the title.
If you need it, a spoiler is below.


Use the number to open the book and collect glass eye number 14.

The History of Quincy T. Booker's Teeth

Another story in Bruno's book is actually a record of work he did on a patient's teeth.
You've probably noticed the books in the library that can be tapped, but not removed, and are marked with teeth.
The odd part is that there is one book per tooth in the patient's mouth.
You'll need to tap the books in the order that the teeth were worked on (refer to the chart in the study if you're stuck).
Can't get this puzzle? Check out the screenshots below. Make sure to start with the lower set of books.

Out pops another eye. #15.

The Key to the Statues, the Statues are Key

Go out to the garden and take a look at Bruno's crypt, which is guarded by eerie-looking statues of buzzards.
There is one large buzzard at the very top of his crypt that whose feathers can be controlled by the other four.
You need to get the feathers of the large buzzard to look like the picture in the short story about the statues.
If you need help doing this, use the spoiler below.

Numbering the buzzards like this, press 3, 3, 2, 1, 1, 4

If you did it correctly, a key will fall to the ground.
Pick up the unusual-looking key and use it to open the bases of the statues themselves. This brings the eye count to 19. Just six more eyes to go!

Steps in the Right Direction & A Mushroom Hunt

The strangest of Bruno's stories is this.
In it, he speaks of a special shovel.
You can find that shovel hanging to the right of Renee:

Try to take it, and Renee will ask you to do something for her first. Of course.
We need to find five mushrooms for her.
Two can be found in the garden:


One can be found at the dead end. When you exit the garden, simply go left:

Another one can be found at the swamp. Upon exiting the garden, go up, right, lower right, and right:

Watch out for the alligator! :)
The final mushroom can be found at a nameless gravesite. From the swamp, go left, lower left, up, lower left, and up:

Take the mushrooms back to Renee and grab the shovel.
Now we need to find Charlie Wicker's burial place. In the great room, there is a book of names and where they were buried.
Charlie Wicker was buried at Seeping Meadow.
To get there from the garden, go up, up, lower left, and lower left.
Engraved on his crypt is WNESWNWSENENESW.
Make a rubbing of these directions so you can refer to them.
Now go to the right, past his crypt, into an empty plot.
When you move, don't simply move west, then north, then east, etc. Instead, watch the hand on top of the shovel for the number of paces to take in each direction.
If you're having trouble with this puzzle, follow the spoiler below.
West x4, North x2, East x1, South x3, West x2, North x2, West x3, South x3, East x1, North x2, East x1, North x3, East x4, South x5, and West x2.
Use your shovel to dig up an urn.
Inside you will find an eye. Now we have 20!
Grab the handle of the shovel for later use.
That's the last of Bruno's stories.

An Eerie Puzzle

Get out the paper you received from the eye socket of the dummy in Bruno's study (it has a skull and crossbones on it).
Go to the book that has the list of the people and where they're buried (in the great room).
use this to answer each riddle in turn. Every time you write a name down, press Enter and go to their crypt to find the next riddle. Need help with this puzzle? Here are the answers to all of the riddles.

When you press on the name of Polly Ester Givens, you will find a note.

You'll have to find out the name of Bruno's dog.
That means calling Bess.

A Gift of Gumbo

Call Bess and ask her to snoop for you. She is reluctant, but finally agrees.
To distract Lamont, we need to bring him some spicy gumbo.
Make sure to ask him about it first.
Head down to the gumbo cart on wheels and buy him some. Don't forget the hot sauce.
Give Lamont the gumbo and he'll excuse himself. Now's your chance - head into the back room and dump out the contents of the box again.
Find the photo and remove the frame. Grant was the name of Bruno's dog.
Bess calls Nancy and gives her the good news.


Look at the 'directory' in the great room and you will find a man named Derek Grant buried at Writhing Roots Memorial.
Head to his gravesite.
There's a compartment underneath the engraving with (surprise!) an eye and a tiny pirate hat (Iggy's).

Take both and go back to the mansion.
We now have 21 eyes. Four more to go!

Playing Dress-Up

Remember that grate in Bruno's private study?
It's Iggy's #1 hangout place, and we can lure him out if we had a loquat, which just happens to be his favourite fruit.
Go out to the garden and head up the stone stairs to the right.
In order to get at the loquats in the tree, you will have to spray the wasps that choose to hang out there.
Make sure to spray the red ones first, as they are more likely to sting you.
Emerge victorious with a loquat and take it back to Bruno's study.
Leave it on the vent and Iggy will come to you.
We need to dress him up three ways: as an optometrist, a mailman, and a pirate.
He should bring us three different things in return.
Each time you need to lure him out of the vent, you will have to spray the wasps to get another loquat.
First, dress him up as an optometrist.

He should bring you back an eye.
Next, dress him as a mailman.

He will bring you back a letter - the letter Bruno was reading when he died!
In the letter, it mentions that Renee knew something about the skull. She definitely lied.

Finally, dress Iggy up as a pirate.

He will bring back a locked chest.
To open it, you will need to find out the name with which all Jolly Roger Krewe meetings are started.

A Secret Meeting

Since the next meeting is taking place at Rampart and Dumaine, Bess will need to use that pirate costume Henry sold Lamont, find where it's meeting, and get in using the password, "scuttled bones."
Call Bess and ask her to undertake this task.
Go down to the alley and look for the back door to Zeke's.
In your inventory, you have a compact. Use it to dust the keypad.

The buttons with the most markings on them are the buttons pressed first.
If you're stuck on what to enter, look at the spoiler below:


Once you're inside Zeke's, grab the costume and put it on.
When you exit, turn to your left and you will find the meeting place.
Pound on the door and give the password, "scuttled bones."
You're in! Great job.
At the beginning of the meeting, they chant, "Jean Lafitte."
Unfortunately, you left your cell phone on and Dr. Buford catches you.
When Bess calls Nancy, they get cut off and Nancy is flying solo.
Use the name "Jean Lafitte" to open the chest and take the eye inside.

That makes 23 eyes. Two more to go.

The Final Ayes

Go ask Henry for that eye keychain of his.
When he refuses, tell him that you know all about Summer and him liquidating his great-uncle's property.
He gives in and gives you the eye.

The other eye can be obtained by playing the game on the coffee table in the great room.
You can use the mouse or the arrow keys on the keyboard for this.
There are a few tricks to this puzzle, but it is simple after a few tries.
On Junior Detective, make sure to free the square block for use on the other side of the board by positioning things like this:

This will make it easy for you to move the other marble over to block the right laser and free up the square block for use.

When you've completed this puzzle correctly, out comes your FINAL eye!

The Ayes Have It

Take your eyes to the study and place them in the grid.
You will have to turn the eyes in different directions according to the directions in Bruno's short story entitled, "Plentiful Pirates and Nautical Nonsense."
Write down all of the directions in the story, then turn the eyes in that order.
If you're having trouble with this puzzle, look at the spoiler below.

South, West, South, East, Left
Down, Down, Up, Down, East
East, Left, East, Down, Down
Down, Down, Left, North, West
Right, Left, Down, Right, Left

Inside you will find a diagram and an eye structure.
We're missing a part that we can find in the garden.

The Final Piece

Go to the garden and go past the fireflies, as shown to the left.
Behind some ivy, you will find that some stones are able to be pushed in.
Push them in, then go just outside the gate.
Climb up on the stones and take the rod.
Now, go to Bruno's crypt and place the rod in the center of the engraving.

Place the arm from the shovel on top of that, and the decorative eye on top of that.
The crypt will open dramatically and you will find the crystal skull!

The End

Unfortunately, the crypt will begin to close and the culprit will offer you aid, which they will deny you once you hand them the skull.
Fortunately, Bruno made a way to get out of this crazy crypt.
Look down and you'll find a matching puzzle.
Since the lightning flashes from time to time, you will find that it is not difficult to solve.
Once you are out of the crypt, follow the footprints out of the garden.
You will hear a boat beginning to start.
Head to the bayou, where the culprit tries to get away by boat.
When you see Bernie surface, kick the log and your mystery will be solved!

Great Job, Detective!

See you in the Phantom of Venice!
Walkthrough written by Mary Ann