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Welcome to The Captive Curse walkthrough! The solutions to all major puzzles will be shown at both levels of gameplay throughout this walkthrough. All spoilers will be written in spoiler code. Simply highlight the black areas with your cursor to read. For example: hello there!
This walkthrough assumes that you know basic game functions, such as moving around and questioning suspects. If this is your first Nancy Drew game, take a look at the book called "How to be a Detective" that's sitting on Nancy's desk.

Big Beginnings

Watch the cutscene before Nancy arrives at Castle Finster.
Press the bell on the right and Lukas will insist that you find the match before you can enter.
Here are the solutions:

Junior Detective:
First row, third on the right and first in second row
Senior Detective:
Second from left in first row and second from left in third row

Karl will prevent Lukas from giving you any further test, and the gates will open.
Go straight through the courtyard and enter Castle Finster.
Karl said his office is on the second floor, so turn to the right and go up the stairs.
You'll receive a call from Ned. That was...not great.
Go up a second flight of stairs, then turn to the left and follow the red carpeting to Karl's office.
Enter and see him playing with his dolls.
Talk to Karl and ask all available questions.
He'll tell you that he is creating a new board game and insists that you play. You can choose to play now, or later - but if you need extra Euros, he will pay you to play and give your feedback.
After you're finished talking, poke around Karl's office.
Look at the painting and the locked cabinet to Karl's left.
Then turn around and look at his display of Raid cards.
Nancy knocks them over by mistake. Oh! That's bad.
Use the Raid game guide to place the cards back in order. You'll need to place the cards based on their type: Monster, Hero, or Magic, and balance the trays so that they come up to the lines.
The solution is the same for Junior and Senior Detective and may be seen below:

Take the note from Markus. We'll have to translate it.
As you flipped through the game guide, Nancy commented on the sparrow.
Return to the sparrow portrait and take the key from in back.
Before you leave, talk to Karl again and offer to help with creating a character.
Exit Karl's office and receive a call from Frank.

Nancy's Room & Exploring the Castle

From Karl's office, go down the flight of stairs under the chandelier and enter the banquet room.
Examine the stained glass and take the blue glass tile.
Then turn to your left and go forward to find the Castle Cryer.
When you're finished, talk to Renate, who is sitting in the corner.
Then exit the banquet room and go straight until you are back in the foyer.
Talk to Lukas, who is on the floor playing.
Agree to play a round of Monster with him.
After you're done talking, take a look at the table between the blue sofas.
Read the Grimm book and take the odd-shaped control key.
Then step around the couch and look at the glockenspiel under the toy castle.
Enter the hallway underneath the stairs and find the castle gift shop.
Turn left and talk to Anja.
Open the book on glass blowing in the corner and take the coded message.
Look at the book on Grimm on the shelf.
Buy a cake from the vending machine. We'll need this later.
Exit the shop using the back way (near the t-shirts) and you'll get a call from Markus.
We'll call him in a moment. For now, go down the hallway and turn to the right.
Go down the stairs and click on the (locked) door to the glassblowing shop.
Ask Anja about her glass display, and ask to see the glass shop.
Unfortunately, she will not let you.
Time to call Markus - go up three sets of stairs until you reach the landing where your room is located.
Call Markus on the cuckoo clock phone.
After you talk to him, you should get a call from Ned. Give him a call back on the land line if you like.

The Glass Shop & Camp Clues

After you hang up, Karl bursts into the room! Apparently the monster has struck again.
Take a bucket of water from the well and douse the flames with it.
Take the burr from the door.
While you're in the courtyard, go up the stairs to the left of the castle entrance and take the pruning shears. They're pretty dull.
Go upstairs and talk to Karl. Ask him about the burr and the glass shop.
He will give you the glass shop key.
As you exit Karl's office you will receive a call from Markus. He probably wants to hear about the monster's rampage.
Go to your room. As you enter, you'll be drenched by a bucket of water! One of Lukas' tricks, no doubt.
Step over to the bed and put on the traditional dress.
Take the German-English dictionary from the nightstand. When you want to translate something, take the dictionary from your inventory and click on the German word or phrase.
Call Markus on the landline.
Then go down to the glass shop and open it using the key Karl gave you.
Turn to the left and open all three buckets.
Take the tongs, prybar, and scoop from the workbench.
Plug in the grinder in the corner. Turn it on and use it to sharpen the shears you found in the courtyard.
Open the cabinet to the left of the furnace and take the green glass tile.
For now, that's all we can do in the glass shop. Exit the glass shop and the castle.
Enter the forest path to the left.
Go forward, right, left, forward, forward, left, forward, left, forward, and forward.
Look at the patch of burrs. They're the same as the one you found in the courtyard.
Use the shears you found in the courtyard to clear away the burrs.
There's a camp back here!
Take the flashlight and the hexagonal token.
Exit the camp by going right, forward, right, right, left, forward, and forward.

Rock-A-Bye Renate

Talk to Renate. She is upset by your clothing.
Go back to your room and find the clothes on your bed shredded!
Take the page from the legend on the floor in front of the fireplace.
Talk to Renate and tell her what happened.
Give her the cake you bought in the gift shop and she will fall asleep!
Click on the bag beside her.
You need to get to the Krolmeister box without shuffling the other contents and waking Renate up.
You can right-click to rotate pieces. This makes the puzzle much easier.
As you place things, be sure to place them as close to the bottom of the bag as you can.
Here is what the bag may look like when you're finished:

Junior Detective:

Senior Detective:

Read through the Grimm book and take another legend page.
Then look at the box. The colour code varies with each try. Guess four colours that may be the code. The green and yellow lights at the bottom will tell you if any of them are correct or in the correct location.
There is no way to give a spoiler for this puzzle, since it changes each time - but keep at it! You'll get it.
Take the map inside. Hmm...dungeon, eh?

Dungeons & Well Diving

Go to the glass blowing shop.
Go over to the furnace and place the shield in front of it.
Open the furnace and use the tongs to click on the red lever.
A door will open! Go down to the dungeon. Take another paper about the legend.
Examine the trap door on the ground and the circular panel on the wall before exiting.
Go to the courtyard and look down the well.
Place the flashlight on the hook and lower it into the well.
Look at the puzzle below. Place the hex piece into the puzzle. All of the edges which touch must match.
Here is how the puzzle should look when you're done:

Go forward into the maze of tunnels.
Before leaving, you should find the following:

Using the map of the passages, find your way out. It doesn't matter which way you exit. Return to the castle.

Prank & Control Room

Talk with Lukas - agree to assist him with his prank.
Tell Karl that Lukas wants to play a prank on him and he will agree to be a victim.
Run back and let Lukas know. He will leave.
Take the coded message from underneath his chair.
You can change letters in each column to reveal the message. Having trouble? The message can be found below:

To open the security booth, play the glockenspiel. Notes are hidden around the castle. Find them and then play them in the order of the list. The hidden locations are listed below.

Now we need to find the locations. Nancy MUST comment on all of the letters, or you cannot play the Glockenspiel.
You will find the letters below:

Thus you must play the glockenspiel in this order: GDBGA.
Here is how to do it:

A handle will be revealed in the wall!
Enter the control room.
The monitors are blank - there must not be power.
Look at the telephone. Translate the German on the handle and in the square. Place Nancy's phone there by clicking on it.
Her phone will now receive security alerts.
Look at the Power-Up guide.
Move to the centre panel. Place the control key from the foyer in the indentation and turn it on.
Open the Zap-Up! panel. The goal is to get all of the numbers to their full capacity. Only then will power come on.
If you're having trouble, take a look at the spoiler below.

Junior Detective:
Press 10, 8, 2, 7, and 6.
Or, simply press 14 until the whole panel lights up! » Thanks to Ehzair McKee!

Senior Detective:
Press 9 and 15.

The cameras will now be activated.
Watch Renate in the gift shop. What's she doing there?
We'll just have to find out.
Before leaving the control booth, take a look at the enigma machine.
Looks like it's missing two dials.

Monster Alert!

Using the security system in place is a perfect way to get Karl and Anja away from their posts so we can do a bit of sleuthing.
First, though, let's see what Renate was doing in the shop.
Go to the shop and take the paper from she shelf below the clocks.
Head upstairs to the bookstand where you found one of the musical notes.
Open the history book on the stand and place the paper Renate dropped on top of it.
Third clock from left, nineteen twenty one.
Looks like we'll need to set the clock somehow.
Go back to the control room and look at the monitors. Someone's in the courtyard!
Head to the courtyard and chase the monster.
The gate will close down on Nancy!
Go forward and see the monster, up close and personal.
Turn to the left and open the discoloured brick above the wooden doors.
Take the key and use it to unlock the doors.
Slide the levers around until you free, in turn, the blue, green, and red levers.
The gate will open. Examine the piece of cloth.
This proves it was NOT my imagination.

Mystery of the Missing Dials

We must fix the enigma machine and use it to unscramble the coded messages.
Let's snoop around a bit - that always seems to help.
Enter the control booth and press the buttons by the phone to get Karl and Anja to leave.
Go to Karl's office and examine the brochure on his desk.
Translate the calendar message on his desk.
Open his locked desk drawer using the key from behind the portrait.
Look at the love note and the locked notebook.
Move the pencil holder at the bottom and take the key.
Exit Karl's office and go to the shop. If Anja is back, go to the control room and sound the alarm.
Step behind her desk and look at her book.
Open the locked drawer using the key from Karl's desk drawer.
Read through the e-mails and take the clock winding key.
Examine the third clock from the left.
Take out the winding key and set the clock to 1921, or 7:21.

Take the dial. One down, one more to go!
Go upstairs and take a look at the glass box in the alcove near Karl's door.
You must recreate the picture using the tiles you have.
The pieces can be rotated by right-clicking on them.
If you're having trouble with this puzzle, take a look below. These screenshots show the order in which the tiles should be placed.

Junior Detective:

Senior Detective:

Take the second dial. Perfect.
Go to the control booth. Just as you enter, notice the stilts on the ground.
I wonder what Lukas is doing with these.
Place the dials in their places in the enigma machine.
It's time to decode the messages!
Use German words to help you.
For the first message, set the dials to S (Sonne), M (Mond), and K (Komet). Then type using the keyboard on the screen.
You should decode the message: Karl's dayplanner - eight, two, six, one.
For the second message, set the dials to F (Fledermaus), B (Burg), and R (Ritter).
The Freiherr's daughter is step one.
Go look at the painting upstairs of the Freiherr's daughter.
Hmm...an undamaged version of the painting would be nice. Go to the shop and buy a postcard with the painting on it.
Remove the price tag to reveal letters - EN!

Snooping, Round Two

With the new information about Karl's dayplanner, now is a perfect time to snoop.
Press the button in the control booth to send Karl away from his desk.
Open his dayplanner - 8, 2, 6, 1 - and translate it with your dictionary.
Note the colour-coded entries.
Look in Karl's Raid book to help you discover what they mean.
Each entry references a certain character - and the colour references a certain trait of that character.
Red refers to strength, blue refers to magic, green to health, and yellow to wisdom. Find the particular trait of the characters written in his journal:

  1. The Sea-Hare (blue = magic) - 5
  2. Rumpelstiltskin (yellow = widsom) - 13
  3. The Gold Children (red = strength) - 15
  4. Little Snow White (blue = magic) - 11
  5. The Donkey (green = health) - 9

These are the five codes needed to open the locked cabinet to the left of Karl's desk.
Open the panel in the molding of the cabinet to reveal a keypad.
Press 5, then 13, 15, 11, and 9. Between each number press enter on the keypad.
The cabinet opens.
Look through and translate each file, particularly Anja's.
Go back to your room and call Castle Cast.
You'll need to get clearance, so call Markus and then call Castle Cast again.
Apparently Anja lied on her resume. Talk to her about it.

A Nefarious Necklace...and a Piece of Cloth

Make sure you have exhausted all conversation possibilities with all characters.
Go to the campsite. That boulder looks the same as the one from the legend.
Using the small shovel you picked up in the glass blowing shop, dig until you find the necklace.
Enter the tunnels using the door in the woods.
Go straight as you enter and you'll find a barrel. Pry it open using the prybar.
You'll find a piece of cloth.
It looks the same as the one torn from the monster's clothes.
Go to the dungeon and insert the necklace in the indentation.
Turn it clockwise to open the trap door.
Turn it counterclockwise to open a door to the passageways.

The Chase

You should receive a phone call from castle security about the monster. It's inside the castle!
If you don't receive a call, check to make sure you've done everything in this walkthrough up to this point.
Go to the security booth. Camera 15 picked up the monster in the glass blowing shop!
Go down to the shop. The monster is not there anymore.
Note the tracks on the floor in front of the door.
Follow the tracks upstairs.
You'll bump into - Lukas!
He says this is his first time dressing up as the monster.
Watch the real monster walk by the window as you talk to Lukas.
There's no point in following the monster...yet.
Talk to Karl and Anja about your escapade with Lukas. Karl wants evidence!

Mapping the Monster

Take another look at the map Renate had in her box.
Perhaps we can gather some clues and evidence if we go to the locations where the monster was sighted.
Let's go out to the woods and see.
Go forward, right, left, forward, and right.
Take the Euros at the base of the tree.
Zoom in and wait for the monster to appear.
Take another coded message on the rock.
Take a photo of the monster using the camera on Nancy's phone. This ought to convince Karl.
Enter the passageways through the door in the woods.
Use the map of the passageways to find the pile of wood in an X shape.
Take the scarf.
This must be the scarf Renate mentioned.
Take the scarf back to Renate and she will tell you the story of she and her sister.
Then show Karl the evidence you have.

The Final Message

We need to decode the message from the tree.
Go to the control booth. Watch Anja leave the castle.
Set the enigma dials to: M (Maus), D (Drache), and E (Einhorn).
Legend ending: Find young woman to cast as the victim.

Locating Lukas

You'll soon get a phone call from Karl, who wants you to come to his office.
If you do not receive the call, make sure you have all five pieces to the legend.
Karl will tell you that Lukas is missing!
Go down into the glass blowing shop.
Pick up the monster token to the left of the cabinet.
Enter the dungeon from the glass shop.
Find Lukas in one of the cells.
Open the lock panel on the door to find an intricate puzzle.
The bar will slide across to unlock the door, but cannot hit any pegs while it moves.
If you're having trouble with this puzzle, check out the spoiler below:

Label the buttons A-D from left to right.
Before you release the bar, press C.
Then, in turn, press D, B, A, B, B, and C.

Lukas is free!
Too bad you aren't.

Meet the Monster

The monster knocks you out.
When you come to, look at the wall with the engraved stones.
They represent pictures from the legend pages.
Press them in the order of the pages, beginning with the postcard: Necklace, rocks, well, shield, trap door
The wall slides away to reveal a second puzzle.
You must spell ENTKOMMEN (or *ENTKOMMEN* for Senior Detective) on the wall.
Take a look at the screenshots below if you're having trouble.
They tell you which letter to place, in which order and where.

Junior Detective:

Senior Detective:

Exit and make your way through the passageway to the stairs which lead to the dungeon (at the top of the map).
Take a look at the bag.
Peruse the book and e-mail.
Head up the stairs and see the monster!
Name the culprit correctly and the monster will reveal its identity.
When Nancy says, "You're not going to get away with this," take out the necklace and place it in the indentation.
Turn it clockwise and you've caught yourself a monster!
Watch the end scene.
Watch all of the credits to see some funny outtakes.

Great Job, Detective!

See you in Alibi in Ashes!

Walkthrough written by Mary Ann